Flip book workshop
(2–3 h, 10–15 participants)

Along the travelling Napa Flip Book Kiosk, we have been arranging flip book workshops suitable for all ages (from 5 years up to adults)

In the beginning of the workshop you will hear a short introduction on flip books, go through inspiring flip books, get some tips for mastering the technique, and lastly - you'll start making your own hand-drawn flip book. The flip book consists of only 70 images so it is a fast way of learning animation making and storyboarding. All participants will receive an empty flipbook, drawing equipment and individual quidance on story building.

Workshop is guided by Jenni Rope and Miila Vainio.

More Info: jenni@napabooks.com

(Photo from the workshop at Zone Sensible, Saint-Denis, France, 2015)